The company "Maharishi Products" introduces its products on the Russian market since 1995.

The main activity of the company is the production of flour confectionery and long-term storage dry bakery products.

The company's products are manufactured under uniqe trade-mark "Maharishi Products", with the company logo and the registered name for each product. All products are made from high-quality components according to Italian recipes and on the Italian equipment. Due to permamnent high quality products and competitive price, confectionery, produced under the trade-mark "Maharishi Products" is introduced in different price segments, is well known and demanded in the confectionery market.

Products of the factory are divided into three segments - mini-cakes "Tortini", puff pastries and bread sticks "Gresini" and "Bastoni". Highly qualified specialists of the factory are constantly expanding the assortment of the products. The Company provides a stable high quality, thanks to the use of only natural, high quality raw materials without adding artificial colors, animal fats and genetically modified products.

The undeniable advantage is that the products are introduced in a comfortable, bright and modern packaging that ensures maximum safety of products and perfect appearance. The company also produces cakes in an economical packaging of 500 g and 330 g, at present these cakes are the sales leader.

Each year the company shows steady growth in sales of products and services in terms of price.

Since December 2011 the head of the factory is Fernando Dush Santush Koshta. He worked his way from worker to General Director and is cmpletely aware of all the nuances and peculiarities of the company. Fernando Dush Santush Koshta has shown himself as an experienced principle leader and conscientious observant employee understanding all the needs and difficulties of both production and office employees.

Factory producs are marked by numerous diplomas and awarded by the largest Russian food exhibitions medals. Thus, in the period from 2014 to 2015, as a result of inspections FBI "ROSTEST-Moscow", cakes "Tortini" were awarded with the highest award, Platinum quality mark and breadsticks "Gresini" and "Bastoni" were awarded with the gold quality mark. Becides, within 15 years the company's products each year won medals and diplomas at exhibitions "Prodexpo". And in 2011 the magazine "Confectionery" awarded puff products “Puff Pastry With Glaze” with gold medal and diploma "Proven Quality" The company itself has been repeatedly awarded with diplomas and gold medals as the best company of the year.

The company "Maharishi Products" takes an active part in public life of Moscow Region and Fryazino. It is the sponsor of the events for children and sport events, and also helping veterans and pensioners of Fryazino. Since 2001 the company is the traditional sponsor of the annual International Peace Marathon. Within 5 years, starting from 2010, "Maharishi Products" is sponsoring the International Intellectual Games among school children. Over ten years the company is sponsor of Fryazino junior football team "Olympus".